Free entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds

Every child is entitled to up to 15 hours per week of childcare funded by the council. This entitlement is available from the start of the first full term after the child’s third birthday. The hours may be split across 2 providers. For more information please take a look at our funded hours entitlement fact sheet on our Downloads page.

30 hours free childcare

If both parents work, either employed or self-employed (or if you work and are a lone parent) and you each earn below £100,000 a year you may also qualify for an additional 15 hours of childcare per week, again funded by the council. You can find more information about this entitlement on Wiltshire Council website or the Childcare Choices site.

Free entitlement for 2 year olds

Some parents may meet the criteria to receive funded childcare for their 2 year old,. Please visit the Wiltshire Council website for more information.

Rub-A-Dub does not stipulate when you have to use your these entitlements and any funding you choose to use with us we will claim from Wiltshire County Council. There are currently no additional charges made to parents who use these entitlements.


If you are not entitled to any of the above or wish to pay for additional hours our fees are £5.20 per hour for children under 3 years old and £4.95 per hour for over 3’s. There are currently no other charges in addition to the hourly rates. However, as from September 2022, there will be an additional charge of £3 per session to attend the 'Rangers' session on Wednesday mornings.

Voluntary Family Donation

To help with the ongoing costs of our pre-school we have recently introduced a voluntary termly donation of £5 per family. The funds raised are used to pay for resources that the children use such as paint, clay, paper, glue, pencils, sand, tissues, wipes and so on. This is entirely voluntary. Some parents prefer to purchase specific items. If you would like to help out by purchasing resources please speak with our manager, Natalie, who can provide you with ideas.

Help with childcare costs - Tax-Free Childcare

Tax Free Childcare is an online payment account, topped up by the Government, which parents use solely to pay their childcare costs. For every £8 that families pay in, the Government will make a top-up payment of £2, up to a maximum of £2,000 per child per year or £4,000 for disabled children.

Rub-A-Dub has signed up to this scheme  - click here to find us! Please do not search using ‘Derry Hill’ as the Government has us listed under Calne!

Methods of payment

We will issue an invoice usually within the first 2 weeks at the start of each term. We accept payment by cheque, electronic transfers as well as a range of childcare vouchers such as Edenred, Care4, and Computershare. If your provider is not on the list, please ask as it is normally fairly straight forward to set up receipt of vouchers from your chosen provider.

    Useful Links

Wiltshire Council - Early Years and Childcare

Go to this site for lots of information about:

  • Free entitlement for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

  • 30 hours of childcare

Childcare Choices

Go to this site for details about

  • 30 hours of childcare

  • Tax free childcare

Childcare Choices also has the links to apply for both of the above as well lots more information about help with childcare cost and not just for those with children under 5!